How to Measure Your Child

Our garments come in a variety of sizes, so it can be a bit of a minefield if you aren’t too sure how to best measure your child for their uniform.

Whether you need to measure for a sweatshirt, blazer, trousers, skirt or sports kit, we’ll give you a few tips for a fail-safe way to ensure that they get the perfect fit.

1. Get a garment that currently fits

For instance, if you are measuring for a new school sweatshirt, a great place to start is by using one of your child’s current sweatshirts. Of course, before using this garment as a reference point, ensure that it is a good fit. This is very much a judgement call, but you’ll be able to look out for the common signs (depending on if they are tops or bottoms) of garment restrictiveness, length in the arms/legs, fit on the shoulders and around the neck/waist etc.

2. Take the measurements

To find out which dimensions to measure, pop on over to your schools online uniform shop and select the particular garment you wish to buy. On that page, you will find a garment sizing guide. With your tape measure to hand, lay your garment out on a flat surface and measure the indicated dimensions in centimetres.

3. Cross reference with our sizing chart

Once you have your measurements, again refer to the sizing chart on your schools online uniform shop to find out the correct sizing conversions. All you need to do after that is select the right size, and place your order through our safe and secure online checkout.