The Ultimate School Trip Packing List

Monday 22nd October 2018

Having a fool-proof packing list is essential to any successful trip abroad, wherever you and your class may be going.

The Essentials

Whether you're flying or driving, there are certain essentials every student needs to enjoy their school trip. Make sure your class each have their passport, EU health card, travel insurance, travel money and emergency contacts before setting foot out the school gates.

The 'Student' Essentials

Your class will have other essentials in mind. Ensuring they have a fully charged smart phone, charger cable, headphones and enough data allowance to Snapchat and Instagram their entire trip to the world, will be of their top priority list.

The Clothing

Your class will want to ensure they look stylish the entire trip, which we have covered. Make sure they stand out from the crowd with a personalised trip hoodie from our extensive range. Don't forget some comfy trainers too!

And Relax..

Once everything and everyone is accounted for, put your feet up and enjoy the ride, or at least until you arrive at your destination. Take in the sights, absorb the culture, learn something new and enjoy your trip!