The Secret to Successful Uniform Shopping

Friday 10th August 2018

With the roller coaster of emotions that come with the start of a new term, the last thing you need to worry about is what your kids will be wearing. Making sure they look presentable and are well equipped for the new school year is critical. So whether you're a first-time school parent or a veteran, we've put together our top tips to making shopping for your kids uniform simple and hassle-free.

Start With The Basics

Making sure you have a good stock of basics is vital when starting a new school year. Whether they're in primary or secondary school, kids still manage to come home covered in mud, paint and tears no matter their age, and having a stock of basics means you're always prepared.

Make A List

Exactly like you're weekly food shopping list, making a list of all the clothing your child needs for their uniform makes the buying process much more streamlined. Make sure you check your schools uniform requirements to ensure you're purchasing the right garments. Download our helpful checklist to make sure you're getting the right kit.

Measure Measure Measure

Always make sure to measure your child before purchasing. Most suppliers and high street retailers have slight differences in their sizing, so make sure to check with the sizing charts before purchasing. Follow our How to Measure guide for some top tips.

Allow For Growth

Make sure to allow for growth; when you're buying shirts, make sure you can fit two fingers inside the fastened collar to ensure they don't grow out of them within the first term.

Don't Leave It Too Late

Allow plenty of time when order your uniform, especially if you're unsure of what size to order. During our busiest period last year (June, July, September) we had over 66,000 orders placed, so make sure you allow extra time for delivery and if you need to swap sizes.