Does uniform really help reduce bullying?

Uniforms are a fact of life in British schools, with almost every secondary school (98%) and the vast majority of primary schools (79%) requiring students to wear them 5 days a week. It is a tradition that dates back to the 13th century in Britain, and a trend that has been exported to many countries […]

A Brief History of Tartan

Tartan fabric is steeped in symbolic history For a textile, tartan has played a remarkable role in shaping pop culture & fashion. To this day, it is still the most widespread and recognisable designs in the world, coming in every colour, shade and pattern type you can imagine. But as the modern take on tartan […]

Can schools help children with social media risk?

Young children facing social media risk

England’s children commissioner stated that schools should play a bigger role in preparing children for the emotional demands that they may face when transitioning from Primary to Secondary school. Can schools help children with social media risk? The emotional risks seems to be higher when children begin secondary school. A pattern has emerged of children […]

The History of School Uniform

School uniform has certainly changed over time! Here at Price & Buckland we certainly know a thing or two about school uniform so that’s why we’ve highlighted some of the key school uniform elements from the 16th Century right through to the present day.  Click here to share our infographic.  School Uniform in the 16th Century […]

Technology in the classroom

Technology is constantly changing and thus as a result, we must adapt and evolve the way that we do things. We have come a long way from using cassette tapes and floppy disks but it has been in such a short time. If you have a computer or a cell phone that is more than […]

GCSE results

GCSE results day 2017

GCSE results are in! First of all, congratulations to the thousands of pupils receiving their GCSE results today. Now that some GCSE papers in England are being graded numerically on a scale from 9 to 1 it can be tricky working out what the results mean. There is lots of help online from the AQA. […]